UM6P Restaurant Use case


With the um6p restaurant current capacity, waiting lines became more and more crowded. Therefore, waiting time became longer.


The app “no more waiting” was created in 10 days. It shows, in real time, the state of the restaurant waiting line so as to reduce overlaps.


“No more waiting” resolved the symptoms rather than the problem itself. Thus, the issue persists.  From here, we built the BLUEDOVE THINKING PROCES

we can summarise the BLUEDOVE thinking process in a closed loop. It all comes back to pain points. How? BLUEDOVE believes that every solution has one or more undesired outcomes. To find the most accurate solution possible, we use system dynamics as a modelling approach.


The problematic of the restaurant required installing a dynamic visualization system that allows us to monitor the state of the entry, the stations, and every critical point in it. The information we provide is in real time, collected by our advanced AI (artificial intelligence) system in order to ensure a work-level balance inside the workplace. Furthermore, the system was reinforced by dynamic road signs so as to prevent any random behaviour and a mobile app that allows its user to monitor the global sate of the restaurant remotely and in real time to make sure that the previous system is as efficient as possible.


Accelerating the line flow and balancing the entrance.

Data collection

Collect the number of people entering and exiting the restaurant as well as the exact time of both actions.



Simulate the restaurant flow with its current distribution and improve every station’s service

Means of data collection

Cameras and a deep learning algorithm to automate the counting at certain points



BLUEDOVE made sure to include every system that intervenes directly or indirectly in the main system.

UM6P Restaurant Use case

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