UM6P Cafeteria Use Case

In the UM6P Cafeteria Use Case, we adapted one of our projects called BLUEDOVE Flow System to manage its flow on a daily basis. 

BLUEDOVE Flow System (BFS) changed completely  he way the UM6P Cafeteria manages its everyday flow, a sample of how the integration of AI in access control and management systems can improve the workflow in a closed and limited capacity area.


  • Calculation and real-time display of the cafeteria flow at the entrance

  • Access restriction by a signaling and alarm system in case of exceeding the limit capacity

  • Social distancing signaling and audible reminder in real time (less than 1 meter)

  • Normalization and smoothing of inflow at the service station during peak times
  • Mobile app (No Waiting UM6P) to share the situation of the cafeteria and its activity in real time with users (Number of people in the queue and estimated waiting time).
  • Administrator access to the evolution of flows over time in addition to customers’ performances and their feedbacks.
UM6P Cafeteria Use Case

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