BLUEDOVE is a start-up that illustrates the urgency of creating an African industry specialised in data acquisition, problem design and cognitive solving as well as secure local data storage. We can use data, as a raw material, to drive efficiency in different fields and help our continent avail itself of its own wealth before foreign industries create hard market barriers to entry.

We offer our clients total support all along their way towards data driven transformations. The first step of the process is to acquire accurate data according to the granularity proposed by the client. Our methods help clients reduce the uncertainty of performance indicators often in the form of ratios in an integrated logic of Problem Design and Solving while being quite aware of Policy Resistances.

BLUEDOVE co-works with Data Driven companies  according to the following principles:

Data acquisition

“Garbage in garbage out” meaning nonsense input data produces nonsense output.

Problem design and solving

Making the difference between the symptoms and the source of the problem. At the end, it is all about asking the right questions.

Policy resistance

We are aware that every solution can have an undesired outcome or more due to feedback loops. We offer our clients total support all along their way towards data driven transformations.



We offer you pre-developed cognitive solutions that respond to the most frequent problems using the approach of problem design. We offer you our full support during the whole process of implementation as well, so as to ensure maximum success and fix any resulting negative feedback. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to any kind of organisation and we made sure that all legal requirements are respected.


We work with our partners to not only solve problems, but to first work through the problem design, so as to avoid the false good solution and specially the false good question. Our systemic approach typically reveals that most “problems” are in fact only pain points. So, we first identify true root causes to find the ultimate cognitive solution. Furthermore, we remain part of the implementation of all solutions through their co-execution, and continuously analyse the entire system for both positive and negative feedback to ensure maximum success.